Acidic balance


The acid-base balance in the human body is tightly regulated by the kidneys and lungs—essential for maintaining overall health. According to , while specialized products like alkaline water generators may seem beneficial, our respiratory and renal systems are typically effective enough at maintaining this balance. He suggests that the money could be better spent elsewhere, particularly highlighting concerns about potential metal exposure from some alkalizing machines 1 .

Moreover, discusses the impact of stress, which can lead the body to become more acidic. She emphasizes the health benefits of alkaline water for improving rehydration and reducing body acidity, which can help in preventing various ailments and enhancing overall well-being 2 .

adds to the discussion by explaining the role of dietary protein in acid balance. Excessive protein intake can increase body acidity, but this effect is minor compared to the acids produced by normal metabolic processes. He emphasizes the importance of sleep and reduced stress to maintain acid-base balance and suggests the benefit of organic plant supplements in promoting alkalinity 3 .

Balancing Acid-Base

Ben explains how the body regulates acid-base balance and the effects of anaerobic exercise on PH levels. He discusses the role of sodium bicarbonate in buffering excess hydrogen and its impact on muscle performance.

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These insights provide a broad overview of factors influencing acid-base balance and strategies to maintain or restore it for better health.