What is the life of a sheep farmer like?


The life of a sheep farmer is filled with both challenges and rewards. According to , a sheep farmer and author, the daily experiences blend the good and bad into a continuous fabric. Farmers face numerous difficulties such as attending to lamb births, dealing with diseases, and the harsh realities of animal deaths. This brings a significant sense of responsibility and often self-blame when things go wrong 1.

Rebanks describes that being a sheep farmer can be physically demanding and emotionally taxing. There are days when everything is physically exhausting—whether it's hauling hay in the heat, working in the freezing rain, or dealing with economic pressures that affect the farm's sustainability. The modern farmer's experience often includes dealing with debt and selling produce at wholesale prices, which can be economically frustrating and demoralizing 2.

Despite the challenges, being a sheep farmer embodies a strong connection to tradition and community. The work is deeply embedded in the history of the land, with practices passed down through generations, sometimes spanning over a thousand years. This continuity fosters a sense of humility and a profound connection to the past and future of farming practices 3.

Life as a Sheep Farmer

James Rebanks shares the highs and lows of being a sheep farmer, from the intense responsibility of life and death decisions to the difficult days when everything seems to go wrong.


James Rebanks on the Shepherd's Life