How does jet lag affect mood?


Jet lag can significantly affect mood. shares that experiencing jet lag can lead to considerable mood fluctuations. For instance, during a 12-hour flight to Abu Dhabi, he experienced vertigo, disorientation, and unpredictable mood swings1. These dramatic time zone shifts can disrupt the brain's synchronization with local daylight and darkness, leading to both physical and psychological disturbances.

Additionally, one of the primary elements of jet lag is the misalignment between local time cues (sunlight and darkness) and an individual's internal circadian rhythm. This misalignment can lead to travel fatigue and exacerbate mood changes, especially as people get older, due to the less stable patterns of melatonin release and overall circadian rhythm disruptions 2.

Therefore, it's clear that jet lag can greatly affect mood by throwing off the body's natural timekeeping system and internal rhythm.

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Andrew shares personal experiences and warns about the dangers of jet lag, including mood fluctuations and amnesia, which can shorten your life. Our brains were not designed to handle such drastic changes in time zones.

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