How are our basic needs met?


Our basic needs are met through fulfilling essential categories that ensure our survival and well-being. Here's a breakdown based on insights shared by experts:

  1. Three Fundamental Needs:

    • Safety: Ensuring physical security to avoid threats and dangers.
    • Satisfaction: Achieving goals and fulfilling desires, whether through securing food or succeeding in various life endeavors.
    • Connection: Forming and maintaining relationships, vital for emotional and social well-being 1.
  2. Emotional Pain and Needs:

    • Emotional pain signals unmet needs such as connection, value, and safety. Addressing these emotional cues is crucial for mental health. For example, feelings of loneliness indicate a need for connection, and feeling scared requires a sense of safety 2.
  3. Living Below Your Means:

    • Financial sustainability is a key aspect of meeting basic needs. Living below your means ensures that your fundamental requirements, like housing and food, are consistently met, avoiding the stress of financial instability 3.

      Meeting Our Fundamental Needs

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  4. Self-Sufficiency in Needs:

    • Being able to meet your needs independently is essential. This concept emphasizes self-reliance and reducing dependence on others for your fundamental requirements, fostering resilience and well-being 4.

By focusing on these areas, one can ensure a stable and healthy life by adequately meeting basic needs.