Are personal connections rare today?


Brad Barrett does not discuss whether personal connections are rare today specifically, but he does touch upon related topics of networking and maintaining relationships. Here are a few insights from the data:

  1. Nurturing Networks: Brad highlights the necessity of nurturing and maintaining networks, suggesting that real relationships often arise from more casual connections. Spending time on networking and making an effort to communicate, whether it's through sending a quick note or text, is emphasized as a valuable approach to sustaining relationships. Networking is described not as something opportunistic but as a genuine form of relationship-building that can enhance one's life both personally and professionally 1.

  2. Digital Age Challenges: He acknowledges the challenges posed by the digital age in forming real, personal connections. There's mention of a seven-day event designed to foster genuine personal connections, which are increasingly rare and valuable. This example from a specific event underscores that lasting personal relationships are still highly sought after and can be facilitated through special settings and concentrated efforts 2.

  3. Face-to-Face Value: In another discussion, the significant value of face-to-face interactions over digital communications in building relationships is mentioned. Being physically present and engaging directly with others is highlighted as a key method to form and maintain meaningful connections, demonstrating that personal connections are not only still possible but also vital in professional and personal realms 3.

    Networking Insights

    Jonathan and Brad discuss the importance of networking and building relationships, both for kids and adults. They share how networking has helped them in their personal and professional lives, and emphasize the value of keeping up with loose connections in your network.


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These insights suggest that while personal connections may be challenging to cultivate, especially with the rise of digital communication tools, they are not necessarily rare. However, intentional effort and strategies are required to develop and maintain these connections effectively.