How to create an ideal life?


To create an ideal life, you should focus on aligning your vision, intuition, and actions, as elaborated by experts in various episodes.

  1. Jay Shetty emphasizes the integration of head, heart, and hand. The head represents clarity of vision, the heart involves understanding and adapting your deeper intuition, and the hand symbolizes serving and making a difference (1).

  2. Lewis Howes recommends dreaming up your perfect day as a visioning exercise. By imagining your ultimate day in detail while disconnected from daily distractions, you can craft a vision for your life that is both inspiring and achievable (2).

  3. Jairek Robbins shares that reflecting on your 'ideal day' can help you move beyond superficial material goals. His approach includes a transformational perspective on living meaningfully through service and personal growth, rather than just accumulating wealth (3).

    Constructing an Ideal Life

    Jay Shetty discusses the three essential elements of an ideal life: a clear vision (head), deep intuition (heart), and the ability to serve and make a difference (hand). He emphasizes the importance of aligning all three elements to create a fulfilling and sustainable life.

    Impact Theory

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  4. Rob Dial suggests a meticulous assessment of daily activities and interactions, emphasizing conscious adjustments towards crafting the life you love. Viewing your life as a business and creating a 'personal business plan' can strategically drive this transformation (4).

  5. Justin C. Scott outlines the importance of defining who you need to be to achieve your ideal life. This involves aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions with that ideal version of yourself, which he refers to as closing the gap between your current self and your ideal self (5).

Each of these perspectives provides actionable steps to constructing an ideal life by combining strategic planning with personal growth and alignment of one’s deepest values and goals.