How were genealogy tools used?


Genealogy tools have found various applications, particularly in solving cold cases and addressing complex family dynamics. Here are two notable examples:

  1. Solving Cold Cases: Jordan Harbinger discussed with how genealogy tools, such as those from 23andMe or, were instrumental in identifying the Golden State Killer. These tools were initially used by genealogists to help adoptees find their biological parents, but their application has extended to forensics. Law enforcement can use DNA databases to identify suspects by finding genetic matches with relatives who have used these services 1.

  2. Handling Family Discoveries: In another context, genealogy tools revealed new family relationships, such as half-siblings, which can be emotionally challenging for families. Harbinger advises empathy and understanding when dealing with such discoveries. He suggests open conversations with family members to process their feelings and resentments, affirming that these tools not only uncover biological connections but also have the potential to facilitate emotional healing and reconciliation within families 2.

These cases highlight both the powerful impact of genealogy tools on criminal investigations and their complex role in personal and family dynamics.

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