How does ChooseFI focus on community?


ChooseFI strongly emphasizes community involvement, leveraging local groups worldwide to foster supportive relationships centered around achieving financial independence. The podcast facilitated the expansion of local community groups to enhance this support system. This initiative quickly escalated, resulting in 62 groups at first, expanding to over 300 groups organized in different cities around the globe. Through these communities, members can share experiences, resources, and advice, which significantly contributes to individual and collective progress towards financial independence.

Moreover, ChooseFI hosts encourage community members to get involved not just by joining but also by leading or administrating these groups, further strengthening their grassroots reach and impact. This approach of building a vibrant, interconnected community helps make the journey towards financial independence a collaborative and supported experience, which is essential given its countercultural nature in some aspects 1 2 3.

ChooseFI's Local Groups

Brad and Jonathan discuss the recent growth of ChooseFI's local groups, which now span every continent. They highlight the importance of community in achieving financial independence and how these local groups can make the path to FI more efficient.


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