Location scouting


When discussing location scouting, specifically in the context of a platform like Giggster, several insights emerge:

  1. Importance of Location Databases: Giggster is described as an "Airbnb for location scouting," allowing users to find and book locations for various creative projects like photo shoots, movies, or social media content. This platform simplifies the process of location scouting by providing a rich database of diverse settings that can be easily searched and booked online 1.

  2. Collaboration with Traditional Scouts: While Giggster leverages technology to simplify location scouting, it doesn't aim to replace traditional location scouts. Instead, it seeks to collaborate with scouts, allowing them to load their gathered locations onto the platform. This synergy is crucial for addressing specific needs, especially when unique locations are required for certain production demands, such as a specific scene in a movie or a Netflix production 2.

  3. Expansion and Community Building: Giggster has shown interest in expanding to more cities across North America and cultivating a community of professionals who are well-versed in production and location scouting. This approach includes offering opportunities to work in a startup environment, which might appeal to those looking for more stable or varied work compared to traditional project-based scouting gigs 3.

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These points illustrate the integration of technology with traditional methods in location scouting, enhancing efficiency and broadening access to resources.