Who is attending Fincon?


Several prominent figures in the financial space are known to attend Fincon. Here are a few notable attendees:

  • Brad Barrett: A financial expert and host of the ChooseFI podcast, known for his insights on financial independence and salary negotiation 1.
  • Brian Feroldi: A financial educator and author who shares his knowledge on personal finance and investing through various platforms, including YouTube and social media 1.
  • Financial Mechanic: Renowned for providing advice on salary negotiation and achieving financial independence 1.
  • Chris Travers: A public school teacher and co-author focused on financial literacy for educators 1.
  • Chris Hutchins: Life hacker and host of the podcast All the Hacks, specializing in optimizing life aspects like travel and finances 1.
  • Danielle Miura: A financial expert with a focus on caregiving, retirement planning, and long-term care insurance 1.
  • Dean Turner: A personal trainer promoting consistent and effective financial and fitness strategies 1.
  • Navish Bahl: A real estate investor and financial strategist actively pursuing financial independence 1.