How to align values with career?


Aligning values with your career is a significant step that can enhance your satisfaction and purpose at work. Here are some insights and tips on how to achieve this alignment based on Brad Barrett's discussions:

  1. Choose Passionately: Work for a company or in a role that you are passionate about. It may not always be possible directly, but keeping it as a goal can gradually steer your career in that direction. Having your career aligned with your values can make every aspect of your life more congruent and fulfilling 1.

  2. Identify and Reflect on Values: It is crucial to have clear conversations, either with yourself or others involved in your life, about what you truly value. This can be a foundational step. For example, if time with loved ones or having autonomy over your time is a priority, seek roles or career paths that offer flexibility 2.

  3. Financial Alignment: Discuss and align on financial goals and practices if you are in a partnership. This may influence the kind of job roles or commercial activities you consider, ensuring both personal satisfaction and financial concordance within the relationship 3.

    Living in Alignment

    Jonathan and Brad discuss the importance of living in alignment with your values, and how it extends beyond just work. Jonathan shares his personal experience of valuing the outdoors and struggling to balance it with his work from home lifestyle.


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  4. Living a Values-Aligned Lifestyle: Once you identify your values, seek ways to manifest them in your daily actions and career choices. This may involve making significant changes, such as a career shift or adjusting work-life balance 4.

  5. Communication and Reevaluation: Continuous dialogue about values and priorities, especially with significant others, is crucial. These conversations can lead to a better understanding and reevaluation of what's truly important, potentially prompting necessary changes in the career path 5.

By regularly assessing and realigning your professional life with your personal values, you not only enhance your own fulfillment but may also positively impact those around you.