Can Captagon fuel civil wars?


Yes, Captagon can indeed fuel civil wars. The drug's significant production and distribution, especially in regions like Syria, not only fund conflicts but also empower various illicit networks. Caroline Rose noted that Captagon production in Syria has surged since the civil war onset, utilizing stockpiled materials and facilities in less affected areas 1. This industrial-scale production and lucrative trade support conflict financing, prolonging and intensifying wars 2.

Moreover, the complex distribution networks facilitate the movement of Captagon to other conflict zones, further destabilizing regions outside its primary production areas. Evidence has shown Captagon reaching places like Nigeria and Libya, hinting at its role in other African conflicts 3. The trade not only involves local actors but also international criminal networks, including the Italian mafia, which collaborate with Syrian regime-aligned actors 3.

Syria's Captagon Trade

Discover the shocking scale of Syria's captagon production and its impact on the pharmaceutical industry. Caroline reveals the staggering amount of pseudoephedrine imported by Syria compared to other countries, shedding light on the country's illicit drug trade.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

864: Caroline Rose | Captagon and the New Age of Narco-Diplomacy

In summary, Captagon's production and trade significantly contribute to funding and prolonging civil wars, both within Syria and potentially in other regions through extensive illicit networks.