Hownto get rid of cellulite in the knees


To tackle cellulite in the knees, the Mind Pump Podcast provides several insights and recommendations:

  1. Understanding Cellulite:

    • Cellulite is often misunderstood and marketed as a distinct type of fat when it is merely regular body fat with a dimpled appearance due to how it interacts with connective tissue. The term "cellulite" wasn't used in this context until 1972 1.
  2. General Protocol:

    • suggests a protocol that includes:
      • Dry Brushing: Helps in lymphatic drainage and improving skin texture.
      • Sauna Use: Promotes sweating out toxins.
      • Rebounding: Using small trampolines to stimulate lymphatic flow and reduce fluid retention.
      • Self-Massage: Can aid in restructuring connective tissues affected by cellulite 2.
  3. Collagen Supplements:

    • There's some evidence suggesting collagen supplements might help reduce the appearance of cellulite, but getting leaner through overall fat loss is significantly more effective. Regular protein intake and a balanced diet play crucial roles in managing cellulite 3.

      The Cellulite Myth

      Sal shares the history of the term "cellulite" and how it was created to make people feel insecure about their body fat. The term didn't exist before 1972 and was coined by a woman who sold massages and creams to reduce its appearance. This myth has created a huge market for cellulite remedies, despite the fact that 90% of women have it.

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Reducing cellulite, particularly in areas like the knees, primarily involves overall fat loss, improving circulation, and supporting the body’s natural detox processes through methods like dry brushing, sauna use, and regular exercise. Adding collagen supplements might provide some support, but the most substantial benefits will come from a holistic approach focusing on diet and fitness.