How to avoid photophobia?


To manage photophobia effectively, recommends using red light therapy. Using red lights can help reduce the unpleasant feelings associated with photophobia, such as pain and pressure in the head, without needing to avoid light entirely. Instead of expensive therapies, you can use inexpensive red light bulbs, often sold as party lights, to minimize photophobia symptoms while remaining awake and active. This approach is particularly useful if photophobia is a precursor to headaches, as it may also reduce the likelihood of developing a full-blown headache 1.

Additionally, it's important to shift to longer wavelength light patterns, such as orange and red light, to avoid triggering retinal ganglion cells which can exacerbate photophobia. This simple change can be a practical and accessible method to manage sensitivity to light 2.

In summary, using red and orange lights to create a longer wavelength light environment can be an effective and budget-friendly strategy to manage and potentially lessen the effects of photophobia.

Red Light Therapy

Andrew explains how using red light therapy can help reduce photophobia and offset early signs of headaches. Red lights are also useful in limiting cortisol levels, which can improve sleep quality. These lights can be purchased inexpensively online, making it an accessible solution for those experiencing photophobia.

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