Where to find cheap flights?


Finding affordable flights involves several strategies, as discussed by on the :

  1. Credit Cards and Rewards: Utilizing credit cards like the Capital One Venture card can offer flexibility in wiping out travel expenses by using points on any expense that codes as travel 1. Additionally, being flexible with travel dates can increase the likelihood of finding award seats 2.

  2. Use of Specific Websites and Tools: Tools like AwardHacker.com help find availability and the best use of miles across different airlines 2. Other mentioned tools include Ita software by Google and ExpertFlyer.com, which are effective for detailed flight search and finding award availability 3.

    Travel Tips

    Jonathan and Brad share their experiences and tips on using the Companion Pass and Capital One Venture card for travel. They also remind listeners to bring a copy of their child's birth certificate when traveling with infants, even for domestic flights.


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  3. Flexibility with Itineraries: Sometimes cheaper fares might require longer itineraries or awkward routes, but booking early offers better deals and more options in managing itineraries 4.

  4. Exploring Airline Hubs and Smaller Airlines: For specific regions like Asia, platforms like Google Flights and airlines like Sibu Pacific offer very affordable flights. This approach can also apply to European travel using airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet 5.

  5. Manual Booking and Midpoint Stops: Splitting the bookings and incorporating stops at mid-point destinations like Hawaii can significantly reduce costs. This method requires manually searching for one-way tickets from such midpoints to the final destination 6.

Through these methods, travelers can optimize their expenses and make the most out of various flight deals and offers.