Why is testing limits important?


Testing limits is crucial for identifying personal capabilities and boundaries. According to , it’s especially important in one's 20s. This period can serve as a time to push oneself in various aspects—be it work, workouts, or other endeavors—to discover potential and understand personal thresholds. Despite this, Di Stefano cautions against overdoing it to the point of long-term detriment. After pushing limits, it's equally important to fine-tune and adapt as life situations change. This learning helps prevent burnout and other negative consequences in later life 1.

Testing Limits

Sal and Justin discuss the importance of testing your limits in your 20s, but also balancing it out with taking care of your body and finding homeostasis. They emphasize the importance of being growth-minded and adapting as your life changes. Sal shares his experience with clients who burned themselves out in their 20s and took a year to repair the damage.

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