Is it better to invest?


Investing is generally considered beneficial if approached with the right mindset and strategies. Key insights from Brad Barrett and other experts on his podcast "ChooseFI" highlight useful advice:

  1. Ignore the Noise: Avoid getting distracted by market fluctuations and focus on informative resources that promote a healthy psychological approach to investing, such as suggested by Paul Merriman 1.

  2. Long-Term Mindset: Emphasizing long-term strategies over short-term, speculative moves can lead to more secure and fruitful investments. Avoiding frequent trading reduces fees and minimizes mistakes made due to market timing 2.

  3. Low-Cost Index Funds: Barrett endorses investing in low-cost index funds like the SP 500 or Total Stock Market Index Fund. He suggests that this method, coupled with a buy and hold strategy, avoids the extra costs associated with high-fee funds and frequent trading. This approach is simple and effective over a long investment horizon 3.

    Investing Advice

    Paul advises his younger self to ignore the noise and read Jason Zweig's book, "Your Money and Your Brain," which explains why people are irrational when it comes to money. He also admits to falling for the belief that he could beat the market.


    130 | Paul Merriman | The Ultimate Buy and Hold Portfolio

Overall, the advice leans towards cautious, informed investment strategies that prioritize long-term growth and minimal costs.