Can function outfunction structure?


To determine if "function can outfunction structure," it's essential to understand how structuring workout programs impacts their effectiveness. In the Mind Pump Podcast episode “Everything You Need to Know About Sets, Reps & Rest Periods”, the hosts, including Sal Di Stefano, Justin Andrews, and Adam Schafer, discuss the importance of program structure.

Sal emphasizes that elements like sets, reps, and rest periods are fundamental to workout programming. The way these elements are organized can either result in an effective workout, comparable to a well-constructed painting, or a disjointed, ineffective one. Thus, structure in programming is crucial, and simply having the right components without proper structure leads to suboptimal outcomes 1.

So, function in this context requires structure to be effective, implying that structure cannot be outmatched by mere functional elements without proper organization.

Basics of Workout Programming

Sal, Justin, and Adam discuss the importance of workout programming basics such as sets, reps, and rest periods. They use analogies such as painting and baking to illustrate how the way you put together these pieces determines the effectiveness of your workout.

Mind Pump Podcast

1612: Everything You Need to Know About Sets, Reps & Rest Periods