What challenges did Steven face?


Steven Keys faced several challenges while trying to maintain financial stability and pursue his passions during a life-changing trip to Hawaii. Key challenges included:

  • Employment Transition: Steven had to quit his job as a public school teacher as remote teaching wasn't feasible. Instead, he picked up tutoring opportunities both in person and via Skype with students he had connections to 1.

  • Income Generation: Steven and his partner sought out alternative income sources, such as photography opportunities. They pursued leads cold, reaching out to local businesses and events to offer their services, building a portfolio and client base from scratch 1.

These challenges required flexibility, resourcefulness, and creative problem-solving to overcome while achieving their goal of living in Hawaii without depleting their savings.

Cash Flowing Hawaii

Lauren and Steven share how they were able to cash flow their six-month stay in Hawaii by negotiating remote work opportunities and seeking out contract work opportunities, which allowed them to work only 10 hours a week while still making enough money to cover their expenses.


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