First Run

It appears there isn't a podcast explicitly named "First Run." However, here are some podcasts related to running that might interest you:

1. The Running Explained Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Elisabeth Scott and delves into various aspects of running, including training, nutrition, injury prevention, and mental health. It features expert guests such as coaches, nutritionists, and physiotherapists.

2. The Strength Running Podcast

Hosted by Jason Fitzgerald, this podcast focuses on improving runner's performance, preventing injuries, and understanding running science. It includes interviews with professional runners, coaches, and therapists.

3. The Morning Shakeout

Mario Fraioli and Chris Douglas host this podcast, featuring in-depth conversations with various experts in running and endurance sports. Topics include training strategies, performance psychology, and coaching insights.

Each of these podcasts offers valuable insights and discussions related to running, suitable for enthusiasts at all levels.