What is EFTPS Gov for?


EFTPS Gov, or the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, is an online service used for making tax payments to the IRS. Brad Barrett discusses how EFTPS Gov facilitates the process of paying taxes, especially for small business owners. It allows users to make all their federal tax payments electronically, eliminating the need to mail checks or print out vouchers. This service can significantly simplify the management of quarterly payments and adherence to tax compliance, specifically using the safe harbor rule to avoid penalties for underpayment of estimated taxes. Brad suggests setting up an account well before tax deadlines to avoid last-minute complications 1 .

Avoiding Tax Penalties

Brad and Jonathan discuss safe harbor estimated tax and how to avoid underpayment penalties. They explain the rules for high-income taxpayers and the importance of making quarterly payments. They also provide tips for setting up an electronic federal tax payment system account.


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