How to negotiate a job offer?


Brad Barrett provides several practical tips on how to negotiate a job offer effectively:

  1. Embrace Discomfort:

    • Negotiation can feel uncomfortable, but it's a vital part of the process. Understanding that this discomfort is normal and temporary can help you manage it better. Embracing this discomfort could save you significant amounts of money over time 1.
  2. Negotiate Beyond Salary:

    • Besides salary, consider negotiating other aspects such as start dates, COBRA costs, sign-on bonuses, benefits like gym memberships, and even workspace flexibility (e.g., remote work) 2. Understanding all the benefits a company offers can help you make a more informed decision.
  3. Initial Salary Discussions:

    • Avoid discussing salary details in the early stages of the interview process. You can deflect by asking recruiters about the salary range for the role or stating that you need more information before discussing salary. This strategy helps you stay in control of the conversation and prevents low-balling 3.

      Embracing Discomfort

      Lean into the discomfort of negotiation and embrace it as a normal part of the process. By understanding your alternatives and potential savings, you can overcome the discomfort and potentially save thousands of dollars.


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  4. Using the Gratitude Sandwich:

    • Use a structured approach like the "gratitude sandwich" which involves:
      • Thanking the employer for the offer and the interview process.
      • Presenting market data to justify your expected salary range.
      • Asking for a collaboration to reach a fair number.
    • Asking for a slightly higher amount than your ideal to leave room for negotiation and possibly landing at your desired figure 4.
  5. Preparation and Feedback:

    • Prepare thoroughly for negotiations by understanding market rates and the specific benefits package. Also, consider seeking feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile from recruiters to align your presentation with market expectations 5.

These strategies, drawn from Brad Barrett's discussions, are designed to help you navigate the often-stressful process of job offer negotiations effectively and confidently.