Thought creation


The creation of thoughts and ideas is often rooted in personal experience and intuition. emphasizes that the mere act of thinking about an idea is already a form of creation. People continually create by engaging with their thoughts and are encouraged to trust and honor their ideas instead of doubting them. This mindset, according to Lincoln, not only helps in creating new fitness concepts but can also apply broadly across various fields of endeavor 1.

Additionally, the creation of memory, as discussed by Dr. Amishi Jha, involves neural representations in the brain that harden over time, allowing us to recall experiences later. This continual mental process acts like a "thought pump," replaying thoughts to solidify memories. This mechanism is key for both immediate recall and long-term memory retention 2.

Creating, Knowing, Learning

Sadie Lincoln and Rich Roll discuss the power of creation, trusting your intuition, and the importance of continuous learning. They emphasize that everyone is already creating in some way, and that personal experiences can inspire successful ideas. They also encourage listeners to surround themselves with people who challenge and support their growth.

Rich Roll

Sadie Lincoln Is Redefining Fitness | Rich Roll Podcast