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In the episode "168: Mike Posner | 31 Minutes to the Other Side of Fame" on The Jordan Harbinger Show, several key topics are explored with guest Mike Posner:

  1. Keeping Perspective: Mike Posner shares the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and staying creative even during challenging times. He emphasizes the significance of perspective in leading to personal growth and success.

  2. Building Relationships: The episode discusses the importance of nurturing relationships and introduces Jordan Harbinger's Six Minute Networking Course. Posner reflects on his own experiences in building connections within the music industry and staying grounded.

  3. The Value of Money: There is a deep dive into the common belief that money equates to happiness. Posner discusses his journey in understanding that financial success does not necessarily solve all problems and highlights the importance of looking beyond wealth for fulfillment.

  4. Life Lessons: Mike Posner talks about the life lessons he's gleaned, especially after facing personal losses. He stresses the need to prioritize living fully and aligning one's lifestyle with personal values rather than societal expectations.

These discussions illustrate a journey of self-discovery and the practical aspects of maintaining personal and professional health amid fame. Each segment offers tools and philosophies for managing success and personal well-being. 1 2 3 4 5

Key Takeaways

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168: Mike Posner | 31 Minutes to the Other Side of Fame