What is the pursuit of freedom like?


Jordan Harbinger discusses the pursuit of freedom primarily in the context of career and personal development. He emphasizes the importance of pursuing what you are passionate about and being willing to have tough conversations with yourself. This concept of freedom involves creating circumstances that allow you to operate in an environment that suits your skills and desires, rather than being confined by unsuitable job roles or oppressive environments. For Jordan, this meant overcoming feelings of being unemployable and the stress associated with working in environments like Wall Street, where he felt like an impostor. The pursuit of freedom, therefore, is about carving out a space where one can thrive authentically and without undue external pressures 1 .

Pursuing Freedom

Jordan and Chase discuss the importance of pursuing what you're passionate about and having tough conversations with yourself to create freedom in your life. Jordan shares his experience of feeling unemployable and the stress of working on Wall Street.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

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