How to challenge your beliefs?


To challenge your beliefs effectively, there are several practical strategies shared by Shane Parrish and his guest Diana Chapman:

  1. Sacred Law: If you catch yourself wanting to be right, pause and consider how the opposite could be true or how another perspective might be equally valid. This process, referred to as a "sacred law," encourages openness and curiosity, even when your instincts pull you towards being defensive or assertorical 1.

  2. Co-Commitment: Engage in relationships where there is a mutual agreement to challenge each other's perspectives. This sets a friendly and constructive ground for pointing out when someone might be closed-minded or overly rigid in their beliefs 1.

  3. Exercising Curiosity: When engaging with others, you can demonstrate your curiosity by considering their perspective and gently questioning it. For instance, you might say, "I hear you have that perspective; I'm just wondering how it might also be true the other way" 1.

  4. Use the "Magic Question": This approach involves asking critics or others involved in a debate to state one thing they believe on a topic that they think you do not. This often reveals misunderstandings and allows people to see that they might not fully comprehend another's position. It also shifts some of the cognitive load of defending a position back onto the critic, making them reconsider their stance 2.

These tactics foster a more open and dynamic process of mutual understanding and learning. They emphasize the importance of reflection, mutual respect, and the willingness to see from multiple perspectives.

Challenging Beliefs

Diana shares her practice of challenging her own beliefs by pausing and looking at the opposite perspective. She also discusses the importance of having a co-commitment to giving and receiving feedback when challenging beliefs with others.

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