How can you pursue FI?


Pursuing financial independence (FI) involves several key strategies, as discussed by Brad Barrett on various episodes of the ChooseFI podcast:

  1. Creating Financial Bandwidth: The first step is to create some financial freedom or space that helps in reducing the gap between income and expenses. This aids in handling unforeseen financial challenges and moving towards FI [1].

  2. Choosing What Matters: FI doesn't equate to deprivation but entails prioritizing what truly matters and finding cost-effective or free ways to achieve these goals. It empowers individuals to follow their passions without feeling financially constrained [2].

  3. Utilizing Resources: For those new to FI, making use of available resources is crucial. Websites like provide guidelines and tools to help people begin their journey toward financial independence [3].

    Pursuing Financial Independence

    Jonathan and Brad discuss the importance of pursuing financial independence in order to design a better future. Brad corrects Jonathan's math, but both agree that pursuing financial independence is a key step in creating a financial safety net.


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  4. Effective Communication and Planning: Discussing financial goals and plans with partners or spouses is essential for mutual understanding and support on the path to FI [4].

  5. Lifestyle Choices and Learning: Adopt smart financial habits, learn from experiences, and make lifestyle adjustments that align with long-term independence and security goals. This might include saving, investing wisely, and using financial education resources [5].

By following these guidelines and consistently applying principles of financial prudence, individuals can work towards achieving financial independence, leveraging it to secure flexibility and freedom in their personal and professional lives.