Should reading goals be flexible?


Yes, reading goals should be flexible. According to , flexibility in reading is crucial because it allows you to adjust your reading speed and comprehension level based on the material's complexity or your familiarity with the topic. He advocates for giving yourself permission to read at different speeds to suit your goal and the content type, whether it's light fiction or more dense technical reading 1 .

Additionally, emphasizes the importance of flexibility in managing different goal levels. She advises being more rigid with higher-level, more critical goals while allowing more flexibility with lower-level tasks that can vary or be substituted, facilitating better goal management and adaptability overall 2 .

Speed Reading Techniques

Jim discusses the importance of learning how to learn to excel in various fields. He shares insights on speed reading, mentioning a Guinness World Record holder who spoke 603 words per minute. The discussion emphasizes the importance of flexibility in reading speeds based on content and background knowledge.

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