What is a biodiversity chamber?


A biodiversity chamber, as described by Neri Oxman, is a controlled environment designed to emulate specific ecological conditions to investigate how these conditions affect biological processes. These chambers can simulate different environments from the past or create hypothetical future conditions to explore the behavior of various organisms under those specific conditions. Oxman highlights the application of these chambers in producing future food, products, and construction materials by stressing an environment and observing the resultant behaviors of the organisms involved. Such biodiversity chambers enable precise control over environmental variables like temperature, humidity, and light, which are crucial for studying ecological interactions and evolutionary processes 1.

Future Food Capsules

Neri Oxman discusses the design of environmental capsules that can stress an environment to produce the food, products, and construction materials of the future. She explores the concept of a biodiversity chamber and the potential to emulate past environments to understand the taste and behavior of future food.

Lex Fridman Podcast

Neri Oxman: Biology, Art, and Science of Design & Engineering with Nature | Lex Fridman Podcast #394