How did Chip Conley find purpose?


Chip Conley found purpose by transitioning from seeking success primarily for ego purposes to focusing on helping others and creating a legacy. Initially, Conley found significant self-worth in his success in the hotel industry, but this changed when he joined Airbnb. There, he shifted his role from being a central figure to supporting the company's founders, which allowed him to focus on contributing to a broader mission rather than personal accolades. This helped him derive purpose from the act of giving and supporting others rather than from personal achievements, redefining his approach to work and life around legacy and meaningful contributions [1].

Additionally, Conley emphasizes the idea that "the meaning of life is to find your gift, and the purpose of life is to give it away." He has embedded this philosophy deeply into his career and personal life, guiding his transitions and initiatives, such as the Modern Elder Academy. This academy was designed as a space for midlife individuals to gain wisdom and repurpose their lives toward more fulfilling pursuits. Conley's purpose is intrinsically tied to facilitating growth and understanding in others, reflecting his belief in giving back as a central component of a meaningful life [2].

Finding Purpose

Chip Conley reflects on his journey from seeking success for ego purposes to finding purpose in helping others and leaving a lasting legacy.

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