How to find the right solution?


To find the right solution, Brad Barrett emphasizes recognizing and addressing pain points in your daily experiences. He suggests that usually, if you have a problem, others have likely faced it too, leading to pre-existing solutions. If a solution isn't available, this scenario presents a business opportunity. By consistently seeking to improve situations by 1%, opportunities for solutions or new ventures arise, promoting a growth mindset in everyday life. 1

Additionally, Barrett reflects on using creativity for practical solutions, such as in medical scenarios. He discusses how being innovative and not limiting oneself to local resources can lead to significant savings and unique experiences, such as combining medical procedures with travel. This approach requires being open to less conventional paths and having a robust plan for both financial and medical aspects of life. 2

Finding Solutions

Jonathan and Brad discuss the importance of identifying pain points in your life and finding solutions for them. They emphasize the idea of being 1% better and looking for opportunities everywhere. They suggest that if a solution doesn't exist, you have an opportunity to create a business.


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