Fantasy life

Here are some podcasts related to the theme of "Fantasy life", which might be relevant depending on your specific interest:

  1. Harris Fantasy Football Podcast: This podcast covers all aspects of fantasy football, including player analysis, game reviews, and strategy discussions, hosted by Christopher Harris. It's ideal if you're interested in fantasy sports life Christopher Harris.

  2. Ben Greenfield Life: Hosted by Ben Greenfield, this podcast dives into a broad range of topics about health, fitness, and optimizing life through biohacking and other cutting-edge health practices. It's great if you're looking into a "fantasy" life of peak physical and mental condition[Ben Greenfield{sid=pers_2410}.

  3. Lifespan: This podcast explores the science of aging and longevity, discussing how technological and medical advancements might allow us to extend the human lifespan significantly.

  4. Good Life Project: This series focuses on mental health, self-improvement, and leading a fulfilling life through deep conversations on various personal development topics, hosted by Jonathan Fields Jonathan Fields.

These podcasts tackle different aspects of what might be considered a "fantasy life," whether it's through sports, optimal health and longevity, or personal growth. Let me know if you meant something different by "fantasy life" or if you need information from a specific episode.