How did Chris find direction?


Chris Williamson found direction by engaging with thought-proviking content and introspective practices. His journey started from a feeling of emptiness despite achieving perceived societal success through his role in nightlife and television. Realizing something was missing, Chris exposed himself to a significant amount of content from influencers like Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan. This exposure led him to reevaluate his life and peel back the persona he had built up. Ultimately, he embraced his curiosity and intellectual interests, starting his podcast as a platform to learn and share knowledge 1.

Finding Purpose

Chris reflects on his journey of self-discovery, realizing that his previous lifestyle and success were lacking fulfillment. Through exposure to thought-provoking content and introspection, he sheds his persona and embraces his curiosity. Networking skills acquired from his club promoting experience helped him connect with influential guests on his podcast, leading to its growth.

Mind Pump Podcast

Men Are In CRISIS: How to Stop Feeling ALONE & Find Your PURPOSE | Chris Williamson on Mind Pump