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Here are the most recent episodes from the "My First Million" podcast:

  1. [The GameStop Guy Has Returned… (And Has A New $210M Bet)]()

    • This episode discusses the continuing saga of GameStop's stock, featuring investor Ryan Cohen who is making notable moves in the market. Topics include unprecedented trading strategies and a deep dive into the impact and future of GameStop's position in the stock market.
  2. [25 Years Of Founder WISDOM In 55 Minutes (ft. Jason Fried)]()

    • Jason Fried, CEO of Basecamp, shares extensive wisdom on starting and running a business, embracing risk, and fostering strong business partnerships. The discussion includes various insights on entrepreneurship, business growth, and transparency in financial dealings.
  3. [This $50M/Yr Side Hustle Is On Track To Make $1 Billion By 2030)]()

    • This episode explores innovative business ventures that are scaling rapidly, including a unique real estate venture and a side hustle forecasted to reach a billion dollars by 2030. It also covers digital transformation trends and strategies related to AI businesses.
  4. [This Navy SEAL Built A Million Dollar Book Empire With 0 Employees)]()

    • The episode features Jack Carr, a former Navy SEAL who successfully transitioned into a best-selling author with a unique approach to book marketing, emphasizing themes of masculinity and leadership, and how Carr managed his career finances and creative endeavors.

Each episode delves into different aspects of entrepreneurship, stock market strategies, personal development, and innovative business ideas.