In the clip from the podcast episode "Adam Ashton – How To Learn" on The Danny Miranda Show, Adam Ashton discusses how having a wide range of interests has fueled the diversity of topics covered on their podcast. He mentions that their initial focus was business, but over time they expanded into personal development, marketing, psychology, human behavior, philosophy, spirituality, and history. This breadth of topics kept the podcast interesting and engaging 1.

Another example of wide-ranging discussions comes from an episode on The Poetry of Reality with Richard Dawkins, where Richard Dawkins and Michael Shermer engage in discussions covering religion, science, morality, and politics. Their discussion also delves into issues related to postmodernism and the concept of truth, followed by questions from the audience, making it a comprehensive exploration of these topics 2.

Wide Ranging Interests

Adam discusses how their wide ranging interests have served their podcast, allowing them to explore various topics and keep the content engaging and interesting.

The Danny Miranda Show

#124: Adam Ashton – How To Learn