How to find your own identity?


Discovering one's identity can often be a journey that emerges over time and through various life experiences. , in an episode of , shared his personal journey of identity discovery, which he described as being a "late bloomer." It was not until his later years, particularly through significant life changes and experiences such as traveling to Japan, that he truly began to feel aligned with his own identity. This journey also involved stepping away from a career path he had chosen pragmatically (accounting) to explore areas more aligned with his interests, like sales and potentially architecture or design, though these were not initially pursued 1.

For those seeking to discover their identity, similar explorations and willingness to embrace significant changes and experiences could be enlightening. Engaging deeply in activities that resonate with personal interests or values, traveling, or experimenting with different career paths might serve as practical steps toward this discovery.

Discovering Identity

Doug discusses his journey of self-discovery, including how he found his identity later in life and how traveling to Japan played a significant role in that process. He also shares how he pursued a practical degree instead of following his passion, leading him to an unfulfilling job in sales.

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