How does community affect FI?


Community plays a significant role in achieving financial independence (FI), offering a supportive environment, shared knowledge, and motivation. Brad Barrett emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals who prioritize FI, as it can profoundly influence one's goals and behaviors towards achieving financial independence. Jonathan Mendosa, co-host with Barrett, specifically highlights the impact of the community by discussing how he sought out the FI community to find others with similar financial goals, enriching his journey towards FI 1.

Additionally, the sense of belonging and mutual support within the FI community often leads to the formation of local meetups and groups. These groups not only provide a space to share knowledge and experiences but also offer social support which is invaluable in maintaining motivation and commitment to FI goals 2.

Brad Barrett also points out the broader societal impact of the FI community, such as the potential for fostering a strong middle class within the black community through shared financial independence strategies 3.

Financial Independence Community

Jonathan shares how he found ChooseFI and the importance of having a community to discuss financial independence. The episode emphasizes the idea of a crowdsourced movement and the significance of sharing new and novel ideas with the audience.


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In summary, community not only offers practical support through shared strategies and ideas but also fosters a sense of identity and belonging, making the journey towards financial independence less daunting and more achievable.