Switching therapists


Switching therapists can be a smooth process, especially with the convenience of modern online therapy platforms. Here are some insights from trusted experts on this topic:

  1. Initial Consultations and Assessments: Dr. Joy Harden Bradford explains that many therapists offer a free 10-15 minute consultation to get to know potential clients and assess if they are a good match. This is also an opportunity for clients to determine if the therapist is the right fit for them 1.

  2. Ease with Online Therapy: Online platforms like BetterHelp make switching therapists straightforward. Jordan Harbinger highlights how it's easier to switch therapists online compared to in-person sessions, as it eliminates the need for driving, finding parking, and scheduling in a new office 2 3. Jason DeFillippo also mentioned his positive experience with switching therapists on BetterHelp to better address his anxiety disorder 4.

    Finding the Right Therapist

    Dr. Joy explains the process of finding the right therapist, including the importance of a free consultation and assessing if there's a good match. She also addresses the common concern of seeing multiple therapists and offers advice on navigating insurance coverage.


    Ep 88: Always Be Playing with Dr. Joy Harden Bradford
  3. Insurance Considerations: Dr. Joy Harden Bradford notes that while therapists generally understand clients seeing multiple therapists to find the right fit, it's important to be aware of insurance policies. Seeing multiple therapists under the same diagnostic code might result in unexpected bills 1.

  4. Therapeutic Fit: It's not uncommon to switch therapists if you feel you're no longer benefiting from the therapy or if the therapist's advice doesn't resonate with you. Lori Gottlieb points out that finding a good fit is crucial for effective therapy, and it's perfectly acceptable to move on if a therapist isn't meeting your needs 5.

Overall, switching therapists is often a part of finding the right therapeutic fit, and online therapy platforms can facilitate this process efficiently and conveniently.