What is Girl Boss?


"Girl Boss" originally refers to a movement and brand created by Sophia Amoruso, who founded Nasty Gal and later authored the book Girl Boss. The term exemplifies ambitious, entrepreneurial women leading their business ventures or careers with a strong, independent approach.

Sophia Amoruso elaborated that Girl Boss evolved from a book to a digital, professional network aimed at ambitious women. This platform isn't just for those with conventional careers but also for creatives, freelancers, and those engaged in the gig economy. It serves as a space for women to expand their professional landscapes and celebrate not only what they achieve but also who they are as individuals 1.

Girl Boss also symbolizes a broader cultural movement emphasizing empowerment and success among women, extending support and resources to women at various career stages, beyond just high-level executives 2. This mission has led to significant outreach through events like the Girl Boss Rally, providing both inspiration and practical tools for personal and professional growth 3.

Girl Boss: Ambitious Women

Join Jason as he sits down with Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Girl Boss, a digital professional network for ambitious women. They discuss the malleability of the platform and its focus on celebrating not just what women do, but who they are. Sophia shares her belief in capitalism and entrepreneurship, highlighting her own journey from being a "fregan" to a successful businesswoman.

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