Attention Structure


The concept of "attention structure" mentioned by refers to the way attention is distributed and its impact on perceived status within a social context. According to , attention structure is crucial in determining the status of individuals, particularly in the context of mate selection. Women, for instance, assess a potential mate's status based on how much attention he receives from others. This attention can be reflected in various ways, such as social media followings or physical presence in group settings. The more attention an individual receives, the higher their perceived status, which can influence social and romantic dynamics 1.

Assessing Mate Quality

Andrew and David discuss how women assess mate quality, including the importance of attention structure and mate choice copying. Women prioritize qualities such as hard work, ambition, and clear goals, and also use multiple cues to assess these qualities. The attention structure, such as social media following, is an index of a man's status within the broader community.

Huberman Lab

Dr. David Buss: How Humans Select & Keep Romantic Partners in Short & Long Term | Huberman Lab #48