Why are flavored e-cigarettes banned?


Flavored e-cigarettes are banned primarily due to their appeal to younger users, including teenagers and even children in elementary school. This appeal is largely due to the marketing tactics that involve flavors mimicking candies and desserts, making them more attractive to minors. Such marketing strategies, combined with the harmful health effects associated with vaping, such as exposure to toxic chemicals and risks to lung health, have prompted regulatory actions to limit access and reduce attractiveness to youth.

For instance, discusses the disturbing trend of flavored e-cigarettes and vaping products being targeted towards young people, emphasizing that the flavors make the products more appealing and less identifiable as harmful substances like nicotine or tobacco. This concern is heightened by evidence of very young children, even in elementary schools, using these products, which has led to regulatory bodies considering bans and stricter controls on such flavored products to curb their use among the youth 1.

Youth Vaping Epidemic

Bonnie reveals shocking statistics about elementary school children using nicotine e-cigarettes, prompting the creation of a prevention curriculum. The marketing of flavored vaping products targeted at young children is a growing concern, with products designed to mimic candy and dessert flavors.

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Dr. Bonnie Halpern-Felsher: Vaping, Alcohol Use & Other Risky Youth Behaviors