How is Google reacting to AGI?


Google, through its subsidiary DeepMind, sees the potential for AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) to bring significant benefits without waiting for true AGI capabilities to manifest. Demis Hassabis, CEO of DeepMind, emphasizes using current AI advancements, such as AlphaFold and material science work, to make immediate positive impacts, particularly in science and health. He argues that these advancements can also test and refine their research direction 1 2 .

Moreover, Paul Christiano discusses that the concept of AGI brings up significant ethical and organizational concerns. He notes that it might be inappropriate for tech companies, including those like Google, to manage AGI as a mere tool for economic benefits. Instead, there should be greater caution and consideration of the societal and moral implications of such powerful technology 3 4 .

Future of AI

Demis discusses the potential of AI systems in the next decade and the understanding of superhuman intelligence. He shares insights on the broad concept of intelligence and the specialized learning processes in the human brain and AI models.

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Demis Hassabis - Scaling, Superhuman AIs, AlphaZero atop LLMs, Rogue Nations Threat

From these perspectives, it's apparent that Google/DeepMind is focusing on harnessing current AI capabilities for real-world benefits while acknowledging and addressing the ethical and practical implications of future AGI developments.