NCAA tournament


In the Mind Pump Podcast, the hosts discuss various aspects of NCAA tournaments, specifically addressing NCAA players' weight training during tournaments. Adam Schafer clarifies that no Division I coach would encourage athletes to engage in heavy weightlifting between games. Such strength training is typically performed during the preseason to prepare for the competition. Tournament days are focused on recovery tactics like ice baths, massages, and stretching rather than weight training. This conversation highlights that the debate surrounding different training facilities between men's and women's teams is somewhat moot, considering that neither team would likely utilize heavy lifting during the tournament phase 1.

Women's Basketball Weight Room

Adam, Justin, and Sal discuss the recent controversy surrounding the weight room disparities between the men's and women's NCAA basketball teams. They argue that the focus should be on valuing women's sports more, rather than trying to make them equivalent to men's sports.

Mind Pump Podcast

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