What is the job opportunity?


Here are some current job opportunities and platforms highlighted by experts:

  1. Lenny's Podcast:

    • Lenny Rachitsky promotes a platform called lenny'sjobs.com, designed for both hiring managers and job seekers. It features a hand-curated collective of talents, focusing majorly on roles like product managers and growth leaders. The platform is unique because it allows job seekers to remain anonymous and choose from companies that interest them. Nearly 100 companies are actively hiring through this platform [1 ].
  2. MLOps.Community:

    • During a discussion on the MLOps Coffee Sessions podcast, it is mentioned that there are job openings at companies like Walmart Labs, ZenMl, and StockX. These roles range from director of data science to developer advocate and senior applied scientist focusing on machine learning [2 ].

These opportunities cater to different sectors and expertise levels and provide unique platforms for connecting job seekers with potential employers.

Hiring and Job Opportunities

Discover a curated collective of talented individuals open to new opportunities. Whether you're a hiring manager or looking for a new job, lenny'sjobs.com talent is the place to be. Join the almost 100 companies actively hiring through this platform and explore the possibilities.

Lenny's Podcast

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