What prompted Shay to quit drinking?


Shay Carl was prompted to quit drinking due to a profound revelation he experienced while swimming. He felt a moment of clarity, realizing that if he didn't quit drinking right then and there, he might never quit. This realization terrified him and motivated him to stop immediately. He recognized that delaying quitting would always lead to finding another excuse to keep drinking, and he didn’t want to live with the consequences of ongoing alcoholism 1.

Moreover, a meaningful hunting trip with his father, brother, and son provided a crucial support system. Being away in the mountains, where access to alcohol was limited, and the significance of spending time with three generations of his family, reinforced his decision to quit 2.

Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

Shay has a powerful revelation while swimming that prompts him to quit drinking immediately, leading to a discussion about the progression of alcoholism and the importance of deciding who we want to be.

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