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The episode "175: Brian Scudamore | How Failure Can Be Your Key to Success" features Brian Scudamore, the CEO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, discussing personal and professional lessons learned from failures. Key insights include:

  • Commitment and Origin: Scudamore emphasizes the power of commitment. He discusses his journey of dropping out of college and overcoming initial failures to establish his brand (1).
  • Understanding Failure: He presents failure as a vital part of success, detailing his approach to embracing and learning from mistakes, rather than avoiding them (1).
  • Clever Business Naming and Marketing: The episode discusses strategies for clever business naming and guerrilla marketing techniques that helped propel 1-800-GOT-JUNK? to success (1).
  • Personal Stories and Professional Wisdom: Brian shares personal anecdotes and professional advice, contributing to a rich discussion on how to recover and thrive after setbacks.

Jordan Harbinger blends in his insights on the importance of networking and maintaining relationships, offering resources like his Six-Minute Networking course to help listeners improve their connection skills (2).

Episode sponsors include innovative companies like Brother with their INKvestment Tank printers, emphasizing tools and services that offer efficiency and ease, paralleling the theme of smart solutions in business and personal growth (3).

Commitment and Origin

Brian shares his belief in the power of commitment and how it helped him stick with his decision to get a logo designed for his business. He also talks about his origin story, including dropping out of college and almost not graduating high school.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

175: Brian Scudamore | How Failure Can Be Your Key to Success