It appears you mentioned the term "unusual" without further context. Based on the themes and discussions within The Jordan Harbinger Show, I can provide insights into unusual topics that Jordan has explored in his podcasts. Here are a few examples:

  1. Conspiracy Theories: Jordan has delved into the intricate and often controversial world of conspiracy theories, examining their origins, impacts, and why they are so appealing to many people.

  2. Psychics and Astrology: The show examines the skepticism and beliefs surrounding psychics and astrology, looking at empirical evidence and psychological explanations for why people are drawn to such practices.

  3. Organ Harvesting: An exploration into the dark and rarely spoken about world of organ harvesting, discussing its implications, legality, and the desperate need it fulfills in the black market.

  4. Narco-Diplomacy: A unique intersection of international relations and drug trafficking, where the complex dynamics between drug cartels and national governments are scrutinized.

  5. Self-Help Cults: Jordan explores the phenomenon of self-help cults, dissecting how they form, their psychological impact, and what makes them different from mainstream self-help movements.

If you need more specific information or clips related to any of these unusual topics, feel free to ask!