What financial updates should I know?


Here are some recent financial updates that might be of interest:

  1. J Economics Program Update: The program has transitioned to a blended format, incorporating both online components and a traditional classroom approach. It now includes a student e-book accessible via mobile phones and tablets. This curriculum upgrade aims to enhance financial literacy through more interactive and accessible resources 1.

  2. Fi 101 Course Launch: A new course aimed at teaching the concepts of financial independence has been launched for free. The course, offered by ChooseFI, intends to be a starting point for individuals new to financial literacy or those looking to deepen their understanding. The course includes videos, a curriculum with action steps, and interactive forums 2.

These updates highlight advancements in financial education and provide valuable resources for deeper understanding of personal finance.

Financial Literacy Updates

Crystal shares updates on the J Economics program, which has moved to a blended format with online components and a student ebook. The course is teacher-led and volunteers can serve as subject matter experts. Teachers in the pilot have said that students find the ebook helpful to view on their mobile phones or tablets.


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