Can I see multiple therapists?


Seeing multiple therapists is generally acceptable, especially during the initial stages of therapy when you're trying to find the right fit. Therapists understand that they might not be the best match for every client and are typically open to clients seeing other therapists to find the most suitable one.

  • Consultation and Choice: Therapists often offer a free consultation to help determine if they are a good match for a client. It's also a chance for the client to assess the therapist. It's understood that clients might consult with multiple therapists to find the right one 1.

  • Insurance Considerations: If you are using insurance, be mindful that seeing multiple therapists at once might complicate claims, especially if the same diagnostic code is used for different therapists 1.

  • Personal Experience and Recommendations: It's recommended to prepare to consult with multiple therapists to find one that feels right. Making initial appointments with several and then choosing based on your comfort and the rapport established is a useful approach 1.

These points suggest that while seeing multiple therapists can be part of the process in finding the right match, managing logistics such as insurance and scheduling is also important.

Finding the Right Therapist

Dr. Joy explains the process of finding the right therapist, including the importance of a free consultation and assessing if there's a good match. She also addresses the common concern of seeing multiple therapists and offers advice on navigating insurance coverage.


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