Child sex trafficking


Child sex trafficking is a deeply troubling and multifaceted issue. In conversations on The Jordan Harbinger Show, Tim Ballard and Amanda Catarzi provide insights into its complexities:

  1. Economic Scale:

    • Tim Ballard highlights that the human trafficking business is worth approximately $150 billion a year. This amount is so large that it could buy every Starbucks and NBA franchise and still cover college costs for every child in America. This economic scale makes trafficking a highly lucrative and difficult-to-combat enterprise 1.
  2. Methods and Routes:

    • Children are trafficked into the United States through various methods including false passports, stolen passports, and crossing the Southern border. Once in the country, they can be subjected to forced labor or sex trafficking. Ballard notes that tighter border controls and better training for officers can help identify and rescue trafficked children 2.
  3. Tactics of Traffickers:

    • Traffickers use sophisticated methods to control their victims, such as brainwashing and blackmail. For instance, in affluent areas, teenage girls can be blackmailed with explicit photos or videos taken by ex-boyfriends, forcing them into sex trafficking even while they live at home 3.

      The Economics of Human Trafficking

      Tim Ballard discusses the enormous profits made from human trafficking, which is estimated to be a $150 billion a year business. He explains how it is catching up to the drug trade and has already surpassed arms. The criminals can sell a child 10-20 times a day, making it an extremely lucrative enterprise.

      The Jordan Harbinger Show

      369: Tim Ballard | Putting a Stop to Child Sex Trafficking
  4. Legal and Advocacy Approach:

    • There is a debate over decriminalizing prostitution. While Ballard advocates for decriminalizing sex workers to protect them, he argues against decriminalizing traffickers, as it can create hubs for child sex trafficking by legitimizing criminal activities 4.
    • On reporting and responding to suspected trafficking cases, Amanda Catarzi emphasizes contacting the National Human Trafficking Hotline and the importance of reporting because, in most states, a child cannot consent to prostitution 5.
  5. Real Cases and Exploitation:

    • Tim Ballard recounts harrowing experiences, such as rescuing children from places posing as orphanages but actually functioning as trafficking centers. He also discusses the emotional toll and challenges of working in this field, expressing the near incomprehensible horrors of child exploitation 6 7.

The fight against child sex trafficking involves understanding its vast scale, employing strategic interventions at multiple levels, and robustly supporting victims and advocating for their protection.